10 interesting things from this week 02-02-24

This week I discovered interesting takes on leadership, psychology, and building a valuable business. Included are some fun little gems from around the internet.

  1. 7 things to push me forward a Substack post by Dr. Julie Garner

  2. What do Gen-Z and younger millenials care about when it comes to work? Less aiming for the top down executive level work structure or trying to land a spot in the corner office and more about what's fufilling and engaging this More in this article in Wired with a Roblox Tetris analogy.

  3. Thinking more about building a topical website as a potential revenue stream. This podcast with Nick Loper, Mark Webster, and Dom Wells gave me much food for thought.

  4. My Spotify Music for Coding playlist that I've been curating for the past year finally crossed 100 songs.

  5. Interview with Rob Ocel and Cassidy Williams regarding thoughts around leadership. Good food for thought around being okay with being wrong, and taking a moment to listen to other perspectives.

  6. Some of Dre's top beats set to medieval instrumentation by BeedleTheBardcore.

  7. Reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma the following quote stood out to me about how important it is to make sure our mind is healthy and in a positive headspace.

"...mind management is the essence of life management"

  1. Found this backlink checker tool on App Sumo I might try to help me with my backlinking efforts.

  2. Seeing a reccuring theme this week around how my work at work doesn't define who I am. These thoughts inspired yet again by Dr. Julie Garner in this voice post. Example would be, maybe I think something should be done a certain way (maybe I hold a higher standard), but it doesn't fit the initiative set by leadership. How I react or rather choose not to react does affect my mental well being.

  3. Podcast with Greg Isenberg and Noah Kagan about Million dollar ideas. There are many million dollar ideas in the "boring industries."

That's a wrap for today... Wishing you a great weekend!