10 Interesting Things I Found Last Week

Getting into the habit of publicly publishing what I found interesting. Starting with 10 interesting things I found last week.

Stealing the idea from Austin Kleon's weekly 10 Things Worth Sharing, each week I'm going to share 10 interesting things I found. My goal here is to keep my creative juices flowing and also boost my blogging activity.

10 Things

  1. In my search for ways to improve our design and development at work I found this article How to Use AB Testing for Better Product Design by Andrew Chen.

  2. Ziinc's blog with several helpful articles around Tailwind CSS.

  3. This tweet starting the day by getting right to work. It just makes senseScreenshot-2024-01-26-at-4.32.40-PM-1

  4. Seek real feedback I like the concept of creating a place to receive anonymous feedback. Probably an extra dose of honesty in feedback received this way.

  5. Interesting finding this article written in 2013 about programming career advice. Covering job hopping and being indespensable/expendable I've had to think about the current market and how some things may have changed.

  6. Journaling is so healthy for the brain. Some good thoughts by the Universty of Rochester Medical Center.

  7. Jhey the seasoned CSS creator talking about documenting everything stood out to me. Something about looking back at notes and triggering fresh ideas.

  8. Apple packaging - why do I keep all the boxes? Finished reading Trung Phan's recent SatPost issue on the insane level of detail spearheaded by Jony Ive and Steve Jobs.

  9. This quote from Mary Roach:

I make lists to keep my anxiety level down. If I write down fifteen things to be done, I lose that vague, nagging sense that there are an overwhelming number of things to be done, all of which are on the brink of being forgotten.

Taming the monkey brain to have the clarity of mind, makes the day much better.

  1. A helpful guide to help me understand font sizes in relation to UI design. Linked in a recent issue of Not a Designer by Saron Yitbarek.

That's it... first one in the books. Now to find the right day of the week to publish it. Found anything useful or interesting? Tell me about it.