I took 12 days to learn more about the Agile Manifesto's 12 principles....

What caught me off guard was how little I have heard about these principles being talked about among newer developers and boot camp grads. Many folks learning web development (myself included) fail to realize that being a good solo developer, alone, doesn't make you a good team developer. These principles hold vital ingredients to becoming a good developer, a developer who would potentially be sought after by some of the best companies in the world.

Here you can download the canvas: http://solutioncanvas.com
Photo by Daria Nepriakhina / Unsplash

I believe that awareness should be raised around this specific topic, belief's aren't worth much without execution, so I hopped on TikTok and YouTube and created a mini series on the subject. I'm no pro at video creation but thought it would be a great way to also get some practice on articulating technical topics.

📺 12 Days of Agile YouTube Playlist

I learned a lot and it gave me a new form of respect for good systems within technical teams. It also made me more aware of what types of things to look for in searching for my next opportunity.If you are interested in having a discussion on this topic, connect with me, I would love to chat more about it!