A pretty great Monday for the first one of 2022. Kicked the morning off early with french pressed coffee, The Six Minute Diary and reading a page of Meditations by Marcus Arelius. Priming the brain with gratitude and philosophy makes for a great day.

Yesterday I took some life objectives and journaled them into several categories. This morning I created a new Notion with a board for each category to give me a daily birds eye view on my progress. Visualization often helps me see things through.

I believe the key to making progress is setting the main objective and breaking the objective down into small steps.


Big project needs to be completed by "X" date.

Divide the project requirements into  the required hour(s) per day to reach your objective.

This can be a sure way to avoid burn out because its sustainable. No cramming required and it makes it less stressful.

Applying this to most of my objectives for the year. Doing no more and no less except for some fine tuning along the way.