Intentional Objectives

It's the first day of February today, I feel great! Up at 5 AM, doing my morning stretch routine, meditating, writing in the 5 Minute Journal, drinking two glasses of H20 and sipping piping hot green tea (of course).

Before diving head on into my work, I decided a new monthly routine (I started back in January) would help me stay focused on accomplishing what's most important. I keep a whiteboard in my home office/entertainment room, I don't use it for much other than listing out high impact objectives each month.

The goal is to find at least 3 achievable but challenging objectives to help me maintain my focus. Here's an example of what my top objectives in February are:

  • Develop 3 e-commerce templates
  • Showcase templates in portfolio and solicit work
  • Land 1 paid freelance project
  • Add 1 new contact to my network daily
  • The goal here is to not write out all the details upfront, write down the end goal, and later sort out the details. As for writing out the details I use Notion or just a plain old fashioned notebook, getting the pathway down on paper is an important step which I will cover some other time. For now, it's crunch time!