Lately I have had a lot going on and have felt quite overwhelmed. A lot of   it is from working a full time retail sales job. The  transition stage from leaving the full time gig to go into freelancing full time has been a challenge.

Finding a way to divide my time into the proper channels has been tough. Being a dad, homeowner, and switching careers is quite a feat to juggle at the same time.

When we were young kids we used to explore new things and dream of what we wanted to do when we grew up. But as we become adults we have the tendency to get busy, become narrow focused on a job, and behave like robots.

My focus has shifted to building work around my life rather than building my life around work. In order to execute on getting there, it has required late nights, early mornings, and weekends.

What are my interests that make building work around life possible?

  • Learning web development
  • Community building
  • Being early to crypto decentralization
  • Building a few passive income streams such as retainer services, SaaS, or even DaaS (if you're willing to take some risk).

You could fill in the blanks with  your own interests. The point is, life is way too short to be stuck in the mundane routines that most folks choose to "put up with."

The grind is real, I'm tired as I type these late night thoughts. It won't be long before I kick my FT job to the curb and say "adios".