Overwhelmed by Web3

“…this is just a simple reminder to take care of your mental health.”

Overwhelmed by Web3

Okay... okay... okay. Before you get your defense mode on let me tell you whats up.

Since the last half of 2021 I have ben making automated weekly purchases of Bitcoin. Long term HODL. Of course I bought into the FOMO and played the Doge and Shiba Inu token game... but I wasn't serious about those (not sure how you can take meme coins serious ).

This past Fall the Web3 bug bit me. I jumped into learning about dApps and secured my first .eth domain. By December I was obsessed with DaaS, (Defi as a Service) which uses liquidity provided by individuals to invest in DeFi yielding projects.

I have been joining too many Discords, my interest has been spread too thin between a number projects, and I can't focus. Crypto projects move lightning fast and if you don’t keep tabs on the projects you care about, you will get left behind. Discord on mobile was a bad idea, even after I muted certain alerts and servers I still can't manage them all. Waking up with bad anxiety from seeing all the unread notifications is annoying.

The brain fog has been heavy and I have been having trouble focusing on my work. Today I left several servers and muted nearly everyone. I'm invested in a few DeFi projects that seem to be stabilizing and involved in a few Web3 developer projects right now but strictly limiting my attention to those projects.

Now that the whole DaaS thing has kind of gone cold I'll be adding a NaaS (Nodes as a Service) project (or two) to generate some extra passive income. But beyond that I'm limiting my participation in projects to gaurd my mental sanity.

I'm not "anti" Web3 but there is so much noise in this space that sometimes I can’t hear myself think straight. Maybe others can relate, if so this is just a simple reminder to take care of your mental health.