Watching 14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible on  tonight and seeing the mental and physical strength that Nimsdai Purja is unreal.

The years of  preparation, committment, determination and follow through in his mission really is incredible. To break six mountaineering world records in six months is no small feat.

I think one if my favorite scenes is where Purja gets to the base camp at K2 in Pakistan and meets several discouraged mountaineers. They were discouraged after a series of avalanches had set them back before reaching K2's summit. After a night of partying and lifting the group's spirits the next day he exercises solid leadership in planning the climb with the them. These words he told them stuck with me "When you feel like you are fucked you are only 45% fucked."

This got me thinking more about the question "what actually is my limit?" Testing  limits and taking risks for what is in your best interest in meeting your life's objectives can bring you the ultimate fulfillment or end your life. In my opinion life is too short to not take the (calculated) risk.

2022 is going to be amazing!