TikTok Concerns, Web Design Trends, and AI Taking Away Skills

10 Interesting things I found last week about TikTok, web design, and AI replacing human skills.

I was originally aiming to do these weekly... some ultra pressing to-dos got the best of me the last two weeks. 10 things I found interesting needs to keep going. I've been documenting it in my iPhone's notes app. Let's see if we can do this in 10 minutes.

  1. So many young kids using TikTok, should parents be concerned about this?

  2. The state of modern web design and development adopting The Linear Look. A few favorites of mine are bento box grids, glassmorphism, and subtle gradient headings.

  3. Although AI is such a useful tool it can't replace human creativity, expertise and human critical thinking. More thoughts by Kent Beck here.

  4. A budget grocery series for meal prep? Yes please.

  5. 4 things to improve the personal development process.

  6. Devs build a real time multiplayer web app.

  7. Farza's story about the road to Buildspace.

  8. This HBR writeup on companies building trust and loyalty in their customers.

  9. What about digital ownership?

  10. Found this random project generator to try out.