Updating my LinkedIn Profile

Updating my LinkedIn Profile

Why Keep It Up To Date?

As a professional or entrepreneur, there are a few reasons why it is super important to maintain your LinkedIn profile.

  1. It is a page to showcase your work and tell people who you are
  2. Your actions on LinkedIn have a very large reach (Your activity is public)
  3. If you are delivering value, folks will check out your profile

Here are some ideas of what you can do

I'll use mine as an example here


You will notice a few things here, the first is the banner, use this to your advantage. What I did was include my slogan and website (I made the branding match my website), you can build this using Canva's free banner templates.

Second focus on keeping your work description simple and clear.

Third include your website or portfolio so people can check out what you do.

The About Section

This section is vital in showing off the fundamental questions of figuring out who someone is:

  • Who? (name, where I'm from)
  • What? (what I do)
  • Why? (why I do it)
  • Where? (where to connect or find out more)



On the final point, if you have done previous work, straight up ask for recommendations. Something like this:

"Hey (name) it was a pleasure working with you on this project, if you were impressed with my work, would you be open to writing me a recommendation? Thank you ahead of time!"

Here is an example of a few I have earned:


On a final note: STAY ACTIVE - Post, Comment, and Like it makes a difference in you appearing in others network recommendations or searches.


These are some tricks I have learned from experts and I want to pass this on to others because it has helped me immensely in my networking. By implementing these concepts you can expect a higher rate of connecting, people are often more open to messaging you, and it looks inviting to those who are curious to know more about you. Give it a try and watch your network grow.

Let's connect on LinkedIn!